BGMI Unban: Battlegrounds Mobile India to Make a Comeback

bgmi unban

BGMI Unban: Battlegrounds Mobile India, the highly anticipated battle royale game developed by Krafton, is set to make a comeback for Indian gamers. After being banned last year due to security concerns, BGMI is now ready to offer a thrilling gaming experience tailored specifically for the Indian audience. Android users will have the privilege of playing the game starting May 27, while iOS users will need to wait until May 29. Krafton has introduced a pre-load option, allowing eager players to get a head start and dive into the action-packed battles.

BGMI’s official launch date brings a sense of excitement and relief for gaming enthusiasts. The South Korean gaming giant has taken measures to ensure a seamless gaming experience amidst the expected high demand. By staggering the availability and playability of the game, Krafton aims to prevent any interruptions and enable players to immerse themselves in the adrenaline-fueled gameplay.


Detail Information
Game Name BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India)
Developer Krafton
Launch Date May 27, 2023 (for Android users), May 29, 2023 (for iOS users)
Pre-Load Option Available for Android users
Ban History Banned last year by the Centre over security concerns
Game Version A modified version of PUBG Mobile tailored for the Indian audience
Gameplay Conditions Daily time limit to be implemented over a period of 90 days to prevent addiction
Government Requirements Removal of blood depictions and violence in the game’s animations
Trial Period Three-month trial approval granted by the government
CEO Statement Krafton India CEO expressed excitement about BGMI’s re-release and gratitude to the authorities and users for their support


BGMI’s Pre-Load Option and Update Assurance

Android users can now pre-load BGMI, enabling them to be ready for the game’s launch on May 27. Krafton advises players to take advantage of this feature to avoid any last-minute delays. Some users may have already received an update as part of the pre-load process, which the company assures is a normal occurrence and should not raise concerns.

Krafton India CEO, Sean Hyunil Sohn, expressed his enthusiasm for BGMI’s re-release and thanked the authorities and users for their continued support. The company remains committed to enhancing the gaming experience for the Indian gaming community.

BGMI: A Modified Version Tailored for Indian Gamers

Battlegrounds Mobile India, known as BGMI, is a specially adapted version of PUBG Mobile designed to cater to the Indian audience. It faced a ban last year that led to its removal from both Apple’s App Store and Google Play store. The ban was a result of security concerns and the game’s connection to China.

BGMI’s return comes after ongoing negotiations between Krafton and Indian authorities. Minister of State (IT), Rajeev Chandrasekhar, confirmed on Twitter that the re-release is a “three-month trial approval.” The government will closely monitor various aspects, including user harm and addiction, before making a final decision.

Revised Gameplay Conditions and Government Requirements

To secure the game’s reinstatement, Krafton is obliged to fulfill certain conditions imposed by the Indian government. Over a period of 90 days, equivalent to three months, the company must implement a daily time limit for playing BGMI. This measure aims to address concerns about addiction, particularly among young players. The tragic incident involving a teenager killing his mother after being prohibited from playing BGMI raised alarms about the game’s impact on mental well-being.

Furthermore, authorities have requested Krafton to modify the game’s animations and remove any depictions of blood. In the previous version, Krafton had changed the color of the blood to green to reduce the perceived violence. However, it is still uncertain whether BGMI will only be accessible during specified time slots each day.

BGMI’s imminent return to the Indian gaming scene has created a wave of anticipation. With a pre-load option for Android users and a revised gameplay experience, Krafton aims to cater to the expectations of Indian gamers while addressing the concerns raised by authorities. The trial period of three months will serve as a crucial assessment period to determine the game’s long-term future. BGMI enthusiasts can look forward to reuniting with their favorite battle royale game and experiencing the thrill of intense combat once again.

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